In these modern times, women are expected to take lots of items into hospital during labour and after birth for both herself and her new baby. So lets help you by giving some good pointers as to the essentials you need to take in with you. This is not an exhaustive list but gives you a good indication of the sort of things needed.

Firstly, a good strong bag or case, something with plenty of room and easy to carry. lightweight clothes for mum as hospital can get pretty warm, toiletries for mum and baby, nappies for baby, towel for mum and baby, sanitary products, a few outfits for baby depending on your length of stay, a lightweight blanket for baby, some sweets as your bound to get a dry mouth during labour, pack of tissues to shed a tear after birth lol, bottle of hand gel, a handy notepad and pen for all the things hubby needs to bring in for you and perhaps a good magazine or book.

Pack bits for baby in a separate see through bag inside the main case so that dad can find the bits you need without ferreting through everything and messing it all up.

Take drinks and snacks to keep you going during labour.

Keep it simple! don’t overthink everything as its only for a few days and someone will always bring in something for you if its been forgotten.

Oh and lastly,

Don’t forget your phone charger xxx