What is a Baby Shower?

Well!, it’s explained as simply as “showering a baby with gifts”.

In days gone by a new baby wasn’t given gifts until after the birth as it was known to be unlucky until the baby was born healthy and well. As time went on, medicine became more effective, mortality rates not as high and so gifts were given before the birth with a party held afterwards to celebrate the occasion.

Moving forward to modern times it is now more traditional for a party to be held before the birth, as a treat before the stresses of bringing up baby and being organised by the Mum to be’s friends, family and colleagues. They tend to be themed in the colours of the sex of the baby or even themed like “jungle” “flowers” etc and can be quite elaborate affairs with afternoon tea, cake, games and of course the giving of gifts. Guests are treated to a small favour gift and lots of fun is had by all and certainly a memory she will cherish.

The Nappy Cake gift becomes the centrepiece of the Baby Shower table and traditionally gives the look of a baked cake but is filled with baby essentials which any new mum will love to receive. I will tell you more about our Nappy Cakes in the next blog!