Help! I’m off to a Baby Shower

I’ve received an invite for a baby shower and don’t know what’s expected.

What do i wear? Is it formal? Do i take a gift? If i do buy something, what do i take?

Ok! Ok! We’re here to help.

A baby shower is a coming together of friends and family of the expectant mum, a lovely and informal gathering, traditionally an afternoon tea or little party where you all attend together, have a chat, spend time talking about whats expected with a new baby, stories of other people births and sometimes a few related party games.

Often held in a lovely hotel room with set up of a theme/colour/design choice of the mum-to-be. (Botanical and Boho is very on trend for 2022) but equally as good in a village hall or someones nice living room.


A gift is generally taken to give to the expectant mum and can be practical products you have used with your past children or something someone has mentioned the mum wanted or club together with other guests for something a little larger she needs.

The afternoon tea itself generally consists of sandwiches, scones, cupcakes, tea, cofee or something a little more fizzy lol and then a centrepiece of a baked tiered cake or even a Nappy Cake.

Safari Boho Nappy Cake

And of course, the gift you choose is vast, lots of lovely baby clothes, practical products, gorgous soft blankets or a huge centrepiece, there is lots of choice.

And don’t get me started on all the gifts for the Mum-to-be, but thats for another blog all of its own!

All gift-wrapped and given the Wow factor with bows and ribbons.

The choice of colours and designs are endless and friends and colleagues will find it hard to pick which design they love the best!


Here are our Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts

Personalised Pink Layette Set
Blue Comforter Gift Box
Woodland Friends Nappy Cake
Personalised Pink Elephant Comforter
Twins Peter Rabbit Gift

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