Supporting Local Charities

Supporting Local Charities

Here in Gloucestershire we have so many fabulous charities, all doing so much for us as a community and people in need further away.

I am choosing to support one of our local charities close to my heart. I even worked with them as a volunteer for a short time so I got to see how hard they work and so much in need they are as a charity.

Gloucestershire Bundles is a lovely charity that helps families in need at a time when they are needed the most.

They provide emergency equipment for pregnant women, children up to 16 and their families. These items can be toilettries, clothing, toys, books and equipment. They are always on the look out for good quality used items they can pass onto families in need. You can only imagine how much stuff they get through and the size of their warehouse.

To find out more about what they do and how you could help, see the links to their Facebook page or Website here >

Now! Back to how i am going to be supporting this wonderful charity.

From EVERY SINGLE SALE i will be donating a percentage straight to Gloucestershire Bundles. This will go a little way towards equipment they may need to help these vulnerable families.

Keep in touch on our mailing list and i will be updating you each year on exactly how much we donated and possibly even what they spent the money on.

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