What is a Nappy Cake?

If you’ve heard people say the word Nappy Cake but you’ve always wondered what one was then read on. The first known one was made here in the UK back in 1988. Over the years evolving and growing in popularity as the go to gift for a new baby and thus available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the customers taste and budget.

The concept of a Nappy Cake being in 2 parts, a wonderful centrepiece at a baby shower, admired by all the guests and loved by the mum-to-be, and it’s also a practical baby gift full of all the baby essentials a new mum will need in the first few weeks.

I’ve even known new mums to love the gift so much its taken pride of place in baby’s nursery to be admired for weeks after the babies arrival.


A Nappy Cake traditionally includes :

  • a soft pram blanket which is perfect for a crib, car seat, carrycot etc
  • soft cotton muslin squares, just what you need to mop up baby spills
  • a 1st pair of knitted booties, perfect for little toes
  • a grooming set, a great bath time staple
  • First cotton pull on hat, an essential as its where baby loses vital heat so good to keep one handy
  • a cotton bib, for your little dribbler

and so much more can be added at the customers request.

4 Tier Nappy Cake - Grey Elephant

And of course, you can’t forget a gorgeous lovely soft plush toy, suitable from birth as inevitably it will always go in the mouth 

All gift-wrapped and given the Wow factor with bows and ribbons.

The choice of colours and designs are endless and friends and colleagues will find it hard to pick which design they love the best!


Here are our Top 5 Nappy Cakes

White Pram Nappy Cake
Deluxe Pink Nappy Cake
Blue Giraffe Nappy Cake
Clothing Bouquet Flopsy Bunny
Pink Comforter Nappy Cake

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